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Analogue break in plus 12inputs

Code: XIN12
Expand Analog I/O Using Dante.  For use with Symetrix Radius, Prism and Edge DSPs, the Symetrix Dante I/O Expanders use Composer for setup. Using Composer eliminates switches, circuit board jumpers, and mechanical adjustments as well as the need for third party software applications.

xIn 12 | xOut 12

  • Built-in network switches. Direct connections to Radius, Prism and Edge DSP’s.
  • Internal power supplies.
  • xIn 12 – 12 analog mic/line inputs.
  • xOut 12 – 12 analog mic/line outputs.
  • Designed for Use with Symetrix Dante-enabled DSPs
  • Software Setup Using Composer
  • Low Cost Way to Increase System Analog I/O Capacity
  • Ultra Low Latency – No Audible Delays
  • Top of the Line Specifications